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Our T-shirts are made of the most comfortable, highest quality fabric out there today. The tri-blend cotton-poly mix comes from none other than American Apparel in Los Angeles, while the printing is done right here in Dayton by our partner Four Ambition. With these T-shirts, you not only feel the difference in comfort, but also feel the pride in bearing the logo of one of the world’s most famous names.

Add to that the pithy messaging on each shirt. We have created somewhat cryptic messaging on each shirt, accompanied by an enticing graphic that pulls folks in. But no worries, each shirt comes with a hangtag telling the story behind the messaging. Together, they form a compelling compilation of the inspiration behind The Wright Brothers brand story. It is then up to you to retell the story on your shirt to everyone you meet. We want YOU to become a brand ambassador, specially since a portion of our royalties goes toward the good work of The Wright Brothers Family Foundation in helping to preserve and promote the legacy of the Wright brothers and aviation heritage worldwide. With that much meaning attached to them, you’ll likely want to collect them all!

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